Skype conference with Irish terminologists

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Scientific workers of TSU Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics, Department of Scientific Terminology and Bilingual Dictionaries have held the Skype conference with Irish terminologists in 2019, 22th of January. Irish terminologists have shared their experience with Georgian colleagues about the principles of TermBank and it’s structure. The conference was planned during the EAFT Terminology Summit 2018 in Spain (Vukol Beridze Association of Terminology of Georgia is the member of EAFT since 2017). With the support of the president of European Association of Terminology (EAFT), Henrik Nilsson, the scientific relationships between Georgian and foreign scientists, included the Skype conferences, were planned in order to develop Georgian TermBank.

The experience of Irish terminologists is important for Georgian terminologists as well for developing Georgian TermBank and to solve the problems of terminology management.