Georgian TermBank

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Georgian TermBank that is being created at TSU Institute of Linguistics, Department of Scientific Terminology and bilingual Dictionaries will essentially make it easy to edit Georgian terminological dictionaries.

It consists of important materials, in particular:

  • Multi-field Dictionaries of different periods of time;
  • The collection of the manuscripts preserved in the Institute;
  • Important records that contain notes about the meetings on the topic of 20th century terminological issues;
  • Various remarks made by specialists;
  • Old Georgian terminological materials;
  • Non-literary materials;
  • Terminological materials confirmed in the newspapers;
  • Bibliography with its thematical indexes linked to Terminology.

In the TermBank we can rapidly search for:

  • Synonyms that refers to one notion;
  • The history of the term;
  • Terms with various suffixes;
  • Definition of terms;
  • Scientific information connected to the terminology of different fields.

National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and Vukol Beridze Association of Terminology of Georgia are  involved in the process of creating Georgian TermBank; The program itself is created by the IT department (head of the department Irakli Ujmajuridze) of Ministry of Defense of Georgia.

For more information, please, see an article.